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Meeting Citroen DS in Arcevia, Marche

Meeting Citroen DS in Arcevia, Marche

Going in Dee from the 1st to the 2nd of July 2017

July in Arcevia starts with the meeting of the legendary Citroen DS, a car that even now is a cause of reflection on the concept of road safety and that preserves the charm of the twenty years that had characterized the economic relaunch of the postwar Europe .
We will see them nimbly move around the tight streets of the historical centre of Arcevia, Corso Mazzini, Via Ramazzani and then moving around in column along the streets that bring to our Medieval Castles, an artistic treasure that a lots of people are appreciating.

We will stop along the road to taste the delicacy of some typical products, to try the quality of Verdicchio produced by our wine cellar that represent one of the most important economic reality recognized at a national level and to spend some time in harmony with nature.

Then there is Jean, a rediscovered long-standig friend, that know how to explain in a few words all his love and passion for his "Princess"...that is how he calls his goddess!!!

The Ds has always been a fatal attraction, since I was a child.
Generally it is a childood memory, especially for who is between 40 and 60 years old.
The shape, the comfort, the apparent lightness and agility make it an icon of style and design.
What links his fans, in spite of the rest of the collectors, is his role in every social bracket. We pass from the models tha cost 3000€ to "rachiette" of 4500€. From the cabriolet to the funeral wagon, not to mention the ambulances and the newspapers delivery. The Ds has carried the high society and the wrongdoers, the riches and the workers, making the difference from the other cars of his age.
Born in 1955 and sold uo until 1975, has accompained films, history and imagination for all the coeval generations and the following, just think about Fantomas, the police commissioner Ginko of Diabolik and all the television productions of the last 10 years that are rediscovering the goddess as reference of taste and style.
A car that creates astonishment in the eyes of the children, memories in the eyes of the old men and curiosity in the eyes of who is in a temporary age.
It never lets you indifferent: it is a living car!

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